Brave New Art

We’ve all heard those logos and phrases of ‘feeling fear and doing it anyway’, usually accompanied by some incredible looking athlete doing an extreme adventure sport…but surely making art doesn’t need bravery and commitment? 

It’s so peaceful looking – applying nice colors softly to a canvas, maybe sitting outdoors, creating stunning landscapes while admirers stroll past on a sunny day? It looks easy and relaxing right?  For me, it’s not like that. Creating a painting is exciting, it’s an adventure, it’s like walking a new trail that I know has an amazing view at the end, but I don’t know how long or how hard the walk is yet. 

In its own way, creating a new painting takes commitment and strength. I don’t always know exactly how a painting will look in the end, but I do know how I want it to feel. Each decision I make has a small element of risk in it, of daring to look at things in a new way. 

A new painting expresses my interpretation of the landscape, brave decisions are made straight away as I choose to move away from painting a realistic view, which is beautiful, safe, and understandable, to focusing only on a few key shapes and contrasts to create something expressive, and expansive, to risk creating something people might not understand, or even like.  

Making intuitive decisions, choosing to not second guess myself, whether it’s a colour choice, or if it’s a good enough painting to put a price on, and have ‘real’ people give a reaction to it, always opens up new trails to go down for me. 

Where do you take those brave steps in your world? Are there new trails to the side that have already opened up, or you’d like to try and go down in the future?


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