Seasons and perspectives

Change is definitely something we are all living with right now.

While we are in the middle something huge and all-consuming, it can be hard to imagine a time in the future when it will be in the past.  Afterwards, what will we remember?  It’s been said that most likely it will be the way we felt during this time.  

Hopefully we can plan to look back on this phase and remember feeling a sense of freedom by enjoying a rare chance to change pace, set clear priorities and enjoy the having more time for what we love, in my case its making more artwork.  

Looking at the seasons changing, and living differently during this time has changed my artwork recently.  I’m drawn to creating works that are smaller, looser and experimenting more with inks.  Choosing darker, more muted tones, making use of what I have at home already and looking locally for autumn inspiration has felt right.  

One of the wonderful gifts of season changes is the way we can all enjoy a sunrise at a civilised hour. 

Have you noticed how amazing the dawn horizon lines are when the land is still a dark indigo and the sky is lightening to pale orange?  Give yourself an early morning treat during that quiet moment in your day, and enjoy.

Seasons and change can be chances for us to look up from what we are doing, and look out, and enjoy a change in perspective in our lives. I hope you are making time to do what feels best right now and enjoying some of the silver linings of this time.

Take care everyone,



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